Lakeside Church

June 11, 2023 | Apocalypse NOT Now

These questions are connected to the message, Apocalypse NOT Now, from Sunday, June 11, 2o23. You can watch it here.

  1. Read Luke 21:5-24. How have you understood this passage in the past? Has that perspective changed after hearing the sermon?
  2. Robyn spoke about the incompatibility of religion with the heart of Jesus. Where have you seen or experienced that?
  3. Ponder some examples from the Gospel of Luke where we have seen Jesus bumping into religion.
  4. Oftentimes when things aren’t going as we had hoped, expected, or prayed for, it’s possible to begin to doubt our faith or if Jesus is really present for us. If you have experienced this in your life, would you consider sharing it with the group? Where did you find hope in that? What advice or hope would you provide for others facing the same struggle?
  5. What false messages or messiahs might Jesus warn us about today in our context?