Lakeside Church

How to Hear God’s Voice: Circumstances

October 8, 2023

Have you ever wanted a sign from God? Or have you ever wondered if a certain circumstance that you found yourself in was that sign? Have you ever wondered if an open door or closed door had significant meaning? In this message, Pastor Marc Gagnon unpacks a fascinating story in the early Church that helps us discover how to hear God’s voice through our circumstances.


  1. Reflect on an open or a closed door in your life. How did you come to recognize it for what it was? What was the evidence that it was where the Spirit was leading (or not leading), and then what was the outcome?
  2. What have you done in your life to share a message with someone? It doesn’t have to be as extreme as circumcision, but where have you gone or what have you done that’s taken you out of your comfort zone or out of your cultural norm to share the message?
  3. Do you spend time reflecting on the open and closed doors in your life? If so, how? If not, is there time this week you can carve out time to slow down and reflect? How and when will you do that?
  4. Who is your community? Who are the people who know you and love you – and love Jesus – that can be objective and help you in the discerning process? If you don’t have a community of people, what are you doing to find one? See below for ways to get connected at Lakeside if you need help.
  5. CLOSED DOORS: Are there doors that are closed that God is inviting you to push against? Are there doors that are closed that you keep trying to push open?
  6. OPEN DOORS: Are there open doors that you aren’t being invited to walk through? Are there open doors you’ve been ignoring?
  7. What have you walked away from that looked like an open door in order to preserve your values?

* Here are some opportunities at Lakeside to cultivate community: