Lakeside Church

How To Hear God’s Voice: Community

October 22, 2023

Hearing God’s voice in community: Wouldn’t the church just be neater if there were no people in it? People are the reason things keep going sideways! People are the reason so many people have religious trauma. But what if people are also the way God heals us? In this message from Pastor Marc Gagnon, we unpack some of the ways we meet and hear God in community… and how to avoid some of the pains of the past.


  1. How long have you been in a faith community and what has been your experience with that? Positive? Negative?
  2. There are five spiritual traumas (control, consequences, compliance, codependency, cultural) that we can experience in our faith settings. Have you experienced any of these? If so, share your experience with your group (or someone you trust) if you feel comfortable, or journal about it if you are going through these questions on your own.
  3. Marc said it is impossible to argue for a Christian faith without community. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss or journal.
  4. When we consider that the concept of God revealed to us is one of community (Trinity), what does that tell us about the essentialness of human community?
  5. Marc highlighted some of the ways God speaks to us through community (prophecy, comfort, encouragement, etc.). What are ways that God has spoken to you through your faith community?