Lakeside Church

Sunday, Oct. 15 / How to Hear God’s Voice: Dreams

These questions are connected to the message, How to Hear God’s Voice: Dreams, from Sunday, Oct. 15. You can watch it here.

  1. What part of this message either challenged you, confused you, or encouraged you?
  2. Robyn said, “If God designed our minds wouldn’t God speak through all of its parts … not just our logic?” What do you think about God speaking through dreams and visions? Have you ever felt like God was speaking to you in this way?
  3. Robyn gave an example of a dream her daughter had in preparation for a trip to Grenada. Have you (or someone you know) ever had a dream that meant something? That you either felt was for guidance, preparation, comfort, promise, or direction?
  4. Think of something right now that you sense God might be saying to you. What lenses are you filtering it through? If you feel comfortable, share it with your small group or someone you trust.
  5. Read Acts 10:1-28 again. After hearing the message, does anything now jump out at you that you didn’t notice before?

Download a printable copy here.